Simple & Private !

Digital currencies are awesome.

You can receive payments from anywhere in the world, super fast and very secure.

It’s also very public, and that’s not always a good thing.

While your Bitcoin address looks anonymous with all those random characters, it’s actually very easy to find out which parties are involved in a transaction.

All transactions are stored in the blockchain. For ever.
Once an address has been linked to you, it’s easy to analyse your activity.

That’s where comes in.

We make it very easy to receive digital money anonymously.

Just link your crypto address to a Cloke. People then send money to that alias using the site. We encrypt this information securely and don’t keep any other records.

No more hassle with long complicated addresses, and total privacy.

A Cloke is unique, but you can register as many as you like.
Now is the time to claim yours ! – Simple & Private

Animated by Lucas Teson
Voiced by Scott Antonucci
Music by Denmusicmaker
Written, directed and produced by Joeri Pross