Mankoff Company to Discuss Blockchain’s Impact on Financial Markets

In an upcoming panel discussion to be held in both New York and London, The Mankoff Company, a marketing consultancy, will be focusing on how blockchain is impacting the financial market place and what opportunities are there for investors as well as the traditional investment community.

“We’ve been hearing a lot about blockchain” said Stacey Mankoff, managing Principal of The Mankoff Company,” and there is a struggle within the financial community to determine ‘a) what it can do; b) what the regulators say about it and c) can it hurt or help us?’ – this is what we’re looking to address in the panel sessions.”

With the business papers addressing blockchain on a daily basis, including most recently the Financial Times stating “Blockchain promises back-office ledger revolution, these programs could not be timelier. The two events will be exploring issues involved with blockchain with the NYC event particularly focusing on the digital payment perspective.

With blockchain technology being applied as a distributed ledger, this opens up a host of questions for those entering the space. The two panel sessions, held after trading hours to maximize the attendance from the FinTech community, will be 24 November in London and 1 December in New York City.

Experts from companies and organizations including Setl, VISA – Europe, Epiphyte, R3 CEV and more will be discussing the above issues as well as an explanation of the underlying technology, distributed ledger technology and its application to the payments industry; where are the digital payment mechanisms going and what are the new opportunities; Public vs. Private blockchains; Gaining buy-in and adoption from the consumer, the retailer and the banks; how does Blockchain allow for better traceability and auditing; where do the regulators stand on this technology and how will that impact growth; strategic partnerships and how start-ups in this space are leveraging the technology.

For more information on these events, please visit here for NYC and here for London./-

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